Tony Monk

Specialist Film Pilot

Tony Monk is held in high regard having received an Accolade for Services & Safety to the Film Industry. Tony commenced a Filming career involvement, of over 38 years, as a helicopter pilot. Tony’s flying skills, together with a rare ability to anticipate the Director made him the first choice for all major New Zealand based and inbound aerial filming assignments.

Tony’s ambition has always been to offer clients the most advanced, stable camera system which led to him commissioning and co-developing the world’s first small ball HD Gyro Stabilised System – Tony’s first Cineflex HD was introduced to the NZ film industry in the 90’s.

Tony’s priority is to future-proof his company and his clients against the ever changing world of technology. This has seen Tony Monk Films’ most recent investment in the GSS C520 and GSS C516 Gimbals which offer the most stable camera platform and the ability to inter-change Cameras and Lenses as advancement occurs.

Since selling his helicopter company, Heletranz in 2013, Tony continues to fly all Auckland based filming operations using Heletranz helicopters but is now also offering his services as Film Pilot in all other regions of New Zealand, Fiji, Australia or as required.

A selection of Tony’s film pilot credits include: