Blair Monk

Award-winning Aerial Cinematographer & Drone Pilot

Blair Monk’s extensive experience and passion for aerial filming has taken him to some of the most remote corners of the world over the last 17 years. With thousands of hours operating the specialised GSS, Cineflex and Shotover camera systems, Blair is known as one of the “go to” aerial operators. His reliability, experience, and in-depth technical understanding of the camera systems gives assurance to his clients that they will be able to capture that perfect shot.

Capturing the perfect shot is an amalgamation between the camera operator and helicopter pilot, working together in perfect harmony to ensure the helicopter is in the right place, with the right move, to match that of the camera.

Blair’s years of experience working with some of the top film pilots around the globe, coupled with his aviation knowledge from holding a helicopter licence, have been invaluable throughout his career where locations have required the use of pilots who may not be as experienced with aerial filming.  Being able to understand pilot and aircraft limitations gives Blair the unique ability to be able to succinctly communicate to the pilot and adjust helicopter movements/adapt shots on the fly – ensuring that the client captures those critical moments and maximises production value.

Blair’s broad capability mean he is able to jump between multiple roles. He has been involved in small crew shoots which have involved jumping between helicopter aerials, drones, second camera and even underwater filming for behind the scenes.

Blair's Wildlife Aerial Operating Showreel

Blair's Live Events Credits

A selection of Blair’s live events credits operating gyro systems on helicopters, wires and tracks include:

  • Rugby World Cup (NZ) 2011
  • Sochi Olympics 2014
  • Rio Olympics 2016
  • PyeongChang Olympics 2018
  • Commonwealth Games 2018
  • FIFA World Cup 2018>
  • FINA World Champs 2019
  • IAAF World Athletics Champs 2019
  • A selection of Blair’s aerial credits include: