Aerial Stock Footage

Tony Monk Films, a world-leader in aerial filming offers one of the largest collections of HD and UHD stock footage collected with our Gyro stabilised GSS and GSS Cineflex camera systems from above New Zealand and around the globe.

Renowned for aerial filming projects world-wide, we have thousands of filming hours from helicopters, delivering the highest quality images possible.  Our UHD 4K-8K content is regularly being updated and added to our stock footage library.

Library footage is intended for film producers, professional footage researchers (including location specialists) and producers of film & television programmes, commercials, and related activities, all available for purchase.

If you send us your footage request we will send through low-res clips for viewing – please contact us.

New Zealand Stock Footage

Australia Stock Footage

Fiji Stock Footage

Wildlife Stock Footage

Whale Stock Footage