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The Gear

Tony Monk Films owns and operates its camera systems and is a one-stop shop for all aerial filming requirements—whether aerial coordination, filming, stunt flying, or scouting services with the newest generation of GSS and Cineflex Camera Systems, working with the best Pilots, Camera Operators and Aerial Coordinators in New Zealand and around the globe, TMF provides clients a fully comprehensive aerial filming service.

GSS Camera System


The Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS) Cinema Pro Plus (C520) and Cinema Pro (C516) are the latest in the world of Gyro-Stabilized Gimbals, combining stability, advanced look-down capabilities and the ability to install a range of Cameras and Lenses.

Tony Monk Films have a range of Camera and Lens options available ‘in house’, as well as more available on request. The ‘in house’ Camera options include the Red Helium (8K), Arri Alexa and Sony F55 coupled with the Angenieux Optimo 24-290 and 25-250 Lenses as well as the ability to install the Canon HJ 40 x 10 through the use of a B4/PL adaptor to achieve the longer zoom capabilities which Directors had become accustomed to with our Cineflex Systems.

Cineflex V14

The Cineflex stabilised camera system with Sony HDC-1500 or F950 camera’s (4:4:4 or 4:2:2) delivers rock steady full HDTV 1080 vision at a range or formats and frame rates.

Click here to download a full list of camera specifications.


  • Sony HDC1500 or F950 Cameras
  • 4:4:4 or 4:2:2
  • S-Log and Hyper Gamma curves installed
  • Interchangeable Fijinon Lens options
  • Mounts for Helicopter, Vehicle and Boat applications
  • Frame Rates including 50i, 60i, 59.94 i, 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p and 60p.
  • On- board recording or microwave downlink options
  • Unparallel Stability
  • Quick installation 1-2 hours.
  • Breaks down into under 32kg cases for carrying as excess baggage
  • Instant re-play on board
Drones / UAVs

Tony Monk Films offer convenient and affordable drone rental for hassle free aerial filming. Our operators are licenced pilots and are up to date with NZ CAA regulations.

We can organize a range of drone options for your shoot as well as having in house DJI Inspire Systems with single or dual person operation. The Inspire 2 meets the highest professional filmmaking standards, the Zenmuse X7 uses an S35 image sensor, offering 6K CinemaDNG RAW and a wide dynamic range of up to 14 stops. The X7 also introduces the DL-Mount, the world’s first integrated aerial lens mount that allows for switching between four available prime lenses quickly and easily. With five 480 GB CINESSDs, eight Intelligent Flight Batteries for extended flight time, and the powerful combination of Cendence and CrystalSky, the Inspire 2 Cinema Premium Combo is all you need for masterful aerial cinematography includes a 12 Megapixel camera allowing high-res stills and up to 4K video in a range of formats and frame rates.











GSS C520 & Cineflex Mounts

TMF has STC mounts for the following helicopter types as well as the ability to make custom brackets for a specific shoot if required.


  • Eurocopter AS350/355, A STAR
  • Eurocopter EC120
  • Bell Jet Ranger and Long Ranger
  • Robinson R44
  • Camera Adaptors can be made for other helicopter models and vehicles
Vehicle, Boat & Crane Mounts

All the TMF Camera Systems can be attached to a range of vehicles, including quad bikes as well as boats at varying heights, delivering amazing angles and tracking shots while maintaining perfect stability in any conditions.


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